as you can see, this blog is dedicated to the 5 amazing girls in the manufactured girl group (LYLAS). these girls ARE going to win x factor ok!1!1 lmao, they hopefully will :-).
keep lovin lylas xo

Anonymous asked: People are saying they're going to change name, why and is it true? :/

oh yeah that! yeah, they apparently have the same name as Bruno Mars’s sisters/backup singers.. so they’ll have to change their name unless they sort the stuff out idk, we’ll see.. i’m actually sort of excited if they do change their name haha

- N :) x

i’ve been so inactive during the past 1 week and a half(?)! eitherway, im so sorry and it’s just school being so hectic and barely any pictures of these girls, but lots of edits are being made, especially gifs of the judges houses results, DID YOU GUYS SEE THE WAY THEY RAN UP TO SIMON AND HUGGED HIM :’) so cute sheesh!! Make sure you all vote for them on the liveshows aha but yeah, i hope that cleared up stuff.. and if you guys have got any questions/requests ~ you name it, drop an ask, and thank you for all the nice messages, i read every single one of them dont you worry. 

- N :) x

tell them i was happy

oh my god, i love her smile <3

we’re like the same person in 5 different bodies.